Case Study: AIATSIS

About the organisation


AIATSIS is a hub for over a million Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander treasures, from films to art, and is making a difference through ethical research. Their award-winning content brings Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia’s story to life. With global partnerships, we blend knowledge and resources to enrich lives. We spotlight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, fostering discovery and transformation. As Wanta Jampijinpa Pawu-Kurlpurlurnu says, understanding our past guides our future. We’re not just telling stories; we’re shaping Australia’s narrative.

The need


The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), along with the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland, needed our expertise to create two eLearning courses focused on: Ethics in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research, and Culturally Responsive Teaching.


The Learning Solution


We crafted both courses to include multiple units complemented by workbooks for a hands-on learning experience. These workbooks were perfect for jotting down thoughts and reflections on the course material. Each course is packed with activities aimed at deepening understanding and sparking personal insights into crucial concepts. Plus, we spiced things up with vibrant images that pay homage to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the stunning Australian scenery, not to mention some pretty engaging videos that really make the content pop.

Ethics in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research

This course dives into the critical role of ethics in research related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It walks learners through the AIATSIS Code of Ethics, focusing on a rights-based approach to ensure respectful and impactful research practices.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Here, we’re all about empowering educators to leverage students’ cultural backgrounds, knowledge, and languages to enrich learning experiences. The goal? To boost students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and political engagement. It’s a call to all teachers to embrace cultural responsiveness and bring it into their classrooms.

The Outcome


The end result? Two compelling eLearning courses that not only hit the mark for AIATSIS and the universities but also were delivered right on schedule. AIATSIS was so thrilled with our work that they immediately asked us to start on another course.


The duration


Spanned over a 13-month period.


The team

Claire: Senior Instructional Designer

Olivia: Senior Instructional Designer