Case Study: Autism CRC

About the organisation


Autism CRC is your go-to source for everything autism, from the early days to the golden years and across the whole spectrum. Back in 2013, they kicked off the world’s first-ever national effort to focus on autism research in Australia under the government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program. They have an incredible goal of making a real difference by being a collaborative link between the autism community, evidence-based outcomes, service providers and other supporting organisations.

The need


This project was all about giving practitioners, and everyone else involved the inside scoop on how to follow the National Guideline (for supporting the learning, participation, and wellbeing of autistic children and their families in Australia). This guideline is a big deal because it’s all about boosting the learning, participation, and happiness of autistic kids and their families right here in Australia. We teamed up with the amazing folks at Telethon Kids Institute and Autism CRC to whip up an eLearning short course, plus an eLearning lecture and activity that’s as engaging as it is educational. Pretty cool, right?


The learning solution


Dive into this: an eLearning short course crafted to demystify the extensive documentation in the National Guideline for their people. Our team designed this course with a blend of essential information, actionable recommendations, and the secret sauce—good practice. Not just facts, we enriched this course with engaging case studies, eye-catching videos, and handy downloadable resources to supercharge their learning experience.


What sets this course apart? The real-life scenarios. Not just hypotheticals, but case studies designed to show how the guidelines come to life in a clinical setting.


And for that touch of authenticity? Real quotes from practitioners, families, and individuals in the autistic community provide insights straight from the heart of the community. This course was built with passion by our eLearning team; it’s not just about learning—it’s about understanding, engaging, and applying knowledge in the most impactful way.


Our eLearning lecture was designed to be a bite-sized version of the short course, perfect for educational settings. After finishing the lecture, learners dive into a facilitator-led activity. This hands-on session brings the Guideline to life, encouraging deep dives through chat, reflection, and practical tasks.

The outcome


Autism CRC described the final product as the ‘Gold standard’ for learning at Autism CRC. We continue to work with Telethon Kids Institute and Autism CRC on other projects and continue to reveal projects above and beyond the expectations of their requests!

Extra: Take a look at our additional work when they requested a micro-credential course.

The duration


Spanned over a 100 day period.


The team

Claire: Senior Instructional Designer

Olivia: Senior Instructional Designer

Anthony: UI/UX and LX designer