Case Study: Metro Trains Sydney

About the organisation


Metro Trains Sydney took a bold step by introducing Australia’s first driverless train into the transport mix. To get this groundbreaking project on track, a comprehensive learning design and training strategy were essential. This was to guarantee that everyone involved acquired the vital skills and knowledge for both safe network operations (whether it’s electronic or manual) and top-notch customer service.


The need


Our task was to craft a training program that did more than just impart knowledge; it prepared the trainers themselves. Given the novelty of driverless train technology, we included hands-on experiences in driverless train systems from around the globe to make learning as real and immersive as possible.


For customer service and network operating teams, we put together a flexible training plan. This approach let us adjust the training content on the fly, making sure it stayed relevant and compliant with all safety and operational standards as the project evolved. As new equipment and expertise came into the picture, we fine-tuned the training to ensure it was as practical and effective as possible, setting the stage for a skilled workforce ready to hit the ground running.


The learning solution


We didn’t just stop at training programs. The materials and assessments we developed played a crucial role in building a comprehensive safety case, which was essential for getting the green light to launch the system.


By tailoring the training to meet AQF Certificate IV qualifications, we made sure that every team member wasn’t just qualified but also confident in their ability to handle the operational demands of their roles.


The outcome


Our efforts paid off big time when the safety case was approved on the first try—a remarkable achievement. Thanks to the training and materials we provided, Metro Trains Sydney now boasts a team that’s not only proficient in running a state-of-the-art railway system but also deeply committed to safety and customer service excellence.

The team

Michael: Managing Director

Tarsh: Senior Instructional Designer

Leah: Senior Instructional Designer

Olivia: Senior Instructional Designer