Case Study: SENTIS

About the organisation


Sentis specializes in cultivating safety cultures within organizations, offering premier leadership safety training programs grounded in workplace psychology. Their expertise lies in fostering genuine, life-saving decisions among teams and leaders, particularly for clients seeking to elevate their safety standards or surpass current plateaus in safety outcomes. Every day, Sentis guides organizations toward a culture of safety citizenship, surpassing mere compliance to foster a genuine desire among employees to prioritize safety.

The need


We were approached to collaborate with Sentis on developing a comprehensive safety leadership program, designed to be accessible to learners regardless of their location.


The Learning Solution


Over a 12-week timeframe, we crafted a dynamic learning journey, each week dedicated to a distinct aspect of safety leadership:


Deconstructing the Organisational Context

  • Safety by Choice, not by Chance

  • Welcome to Safety and Culture

  • A Vision for Positive Safety


Embracing the Psychology of Change

  • Harnessing your Brain for Change

  • Become an Agent for Change

  • Speak their Language


Starting a Movement

  • Build a Compelling Case for Change

  • Create the Space for Powerful Commitment

  • A Roadmap for Transformation


Leading for Success

  • Build an Army of Advocates

  • Unleash Individual and Collective Talent

  • Focus + Effort = Success

Learners engaged with a variety of resources through the learning management system, including subject matter expert (SME) videos, readings, case studies, and supplementary materials such as articles and videos. Each week, they participated in a live online session for interactive discussions, peer coaching, and facilitated activities.


Throughout the week, learners delved deeper into the material, reflecting on their insights and practicing new skills. A dedicated community hub provided a platform for ongoing discussion, debate, coaching, and support, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


Our collaboration with Sentis exemplifies our commitment to crafting tailored learning solutions that empower organizations to achieve their safety goals effectively and sustainably.

The Outcome


Our collaboration with Sentis resulted in a robust, multi-modal safety leadership program that empowered organizations to transcend compliance and embrace a culture of safety citizenship. Through dynamic learning experiences and ongoing support, participants gained the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make authentic, life-saving choices in their work environments.


The designer

Tarsh: Senior Instructional Designer