Case Study: Training the Trainers

Meeting the need


Our client, a federal government organisation equipped with a team of instructional designers of varied expertise, aimed to standardize instructional design processes across their organization

Discovery and understanding


Commencing with a discovery session, facilitated via a virtual Miro board, we comprehensively grasped their requirements, covering authentic learning needs, active learning outcomes, and strategies for effective design.


The learning solution


Informed by insights from the discovery session, we co-designed a customized version of our Instructional Design for Your Organization Course, seamlessly blending our industry-standard ADDIE model with the client’s unique frameworks. To ensure alignment with their practices, bespoke templates and guides were meticulously integrated, complete with customized branding.

The program comprised three interconnected components:

eLearning: A comprehensive module offering key insights and practical tools for building exceptional learning design skills.


Team Huddles: Dynamic sessions fostering shared learning and practical application, nurturing a culture of collaboration.


Coaching Sessions: One-on-one sessions with our Senior Instructional Designers, providing personalized guidance and feedback to enhance skills and project resonance.

The outcome


Our collaboration yielded a tailored program, merging theory with practice, fostering continuous learning, and empowering instructional designers to elevate their processes, deliver exceptional experiences, and drive organizational success through effective instructional design.


The duration


Spanned over a 3-month period.


The team

Bianca: Director, Lead Instructional Designer

Michael: Managing Partner, Senior Instructional Designer

Olivia: Senior Instructional Designer

Anthony: UI/UX, LX Designer