Instructional design, but make it good

Let’s be real: workplace training doesn’t have the best reputation. Too often, it’s a snooze-fest of boring presentations and forgettable info-dumps.

But imagine a world where learning was actually engaging. Maybe even (dare we say it) fun. That’s the power of instructional design – the craft of creating learning experiences that keep people awake and interested.

“Yes! Workplace training today!”

– Potentially your staff



At its core, instructional design is the art and science of crafting learning experiences that stick. But it’s so much more than just dumping information on learners and hoping it sinks in (that’s so last century).

At Hungry Minds, we’re are the masterminds behind training that doesn’t suck. The learning we create is effective, impactful, and dare we say it – even enjoyable.

By taking a systematic, learner-centred approach, we create programs that are:

  • Engaging: We make learning people lean into. Well-designed learning activates minds and sparks curiosity.
  • Effective: We ensure that training is focused, practical and aligned with real-world performance needs.
  • Efficient: Thoughtful design makes the best use of everyone’s time and energy. No filler, no more wasted hours, no ‘meh’.
  • Enjoyable: Great instructional design makes room for creativity, unpredictability and even a little humour.

The end result is training that’s custom-built for the needs of your learners and organisation. No cookie-cutter courses or one-size-fits-all approaches. Just learning that captivates, activates and truly clicks. 

And that’s exactly what we deliver. Every. Damn. Time.

And in today’s fast-moving world, where upskilling and reskilling are a constant, that’s more important than ever.

Less ‘house red’,

more ‘matched wines’. 



At Hungry Minds, we’re not just experts in helping humans learn things – we’re also ridiculously good at solving problems. We dig deep to unearth the real challenges, and connect the dots to create learning that drives serious change.

Whether you need to onboard new hires, train teams on new software, develop leadership skills, or anything in between, we’ve got your back. But we don’t just tackle the obvious stuff. We put on our detective hats and investigate your unique needs, pain points and goals. Then we craft learning solutions that hit the bullseye, every time.

Basically, we make your life easier. We partner with you to craft learning that gets real results. Our not-so-secret weapon is the ADDIE model – a tried-and-true framework that guides our approach.


Be curious

First stop, discovery! We’re your learning detectives, mapping out needs.


Be creative

Crafting the blueprint. Think of it as our creative canvas.


Get pilot-ready

Where magic happens! Merging art with tech for engaging courses.


Dive in

Ready, set, launch! Seamlessly integrating into your world.


Be reflective

Not just done, we refine and perfect. Tweaking based on your feedback.

With ADDIE as our guide and years of experience under our belts, we’ve helped clients solve all kinds of gnarly learning challenges. The end products vary – from virtual training to bite-sized micro-learning to in-person workshops – but the goal is always the same: to create learning experiences that don’t suck.

Take boring off the menu.

Take boring off the menu.